One day in May 1993, four work colleagues decided to combine their expertise and experience and, along with an original staff of more than a dozen employees, launch Distribution de Pièces d’Autos Rive-Sud BESTBUY.

The original building, which seemed massive at the time, is now stretched to full capacity by the vast quantities of inventory the Company maintains for its clientele on Québec’s South Shore and its Rivière-du-Loup location, which opened in 2001. This rapid expansion is due primarily to the Company’s policy of buying direct from the manufacturer in order to eliminate the middleman and ensure lower prices for its customers.

Today, there are more than 30 employees available to serve you, and a fleet of 13 company vehicles covering the territories served by both locations.

The DPARS ownership team of Mr. Clément Samson and Mr. Michel Côté, is proud of this growth; which is the culmination of years of personal commitment and careful attention to customer needs.


Members of Distribution de Pièces d’Autos Rive-Sud BESTBUY personnel possess all the qualities you look for when seeking targeted and appropriate advice: experience, expertise, knowledge.

At DPARS, we are not content to simply offer a wide range of quality products at more than competitive prices; we feel it is critical to provide our customers with the expertise they need to make informed decisions when ordering through one of our departments:

  • Paint products for motorcycles and other small recreational vehicles
  • Paint products for cars and trucks
  • Industrial paint products
  • Auto parts and accessories - mechanical (truck parts as well – one ton or less)
  • Auto parts and accessories - performance
  • Garage equipment and tools

Our specialists are always available to answer your questions!

Automotive Paints

The professionals at DPARS will not allow a single order of automobile paint to leave our installations until they are certain that it is an exact match to the original paint or reference paint. In order to achieve this lofty goal, our specialists use various resources and technologies that may only be applied and deployed within our installations. Unfortunately, this precludes us from selling automobile paints via our Website. On location, we supply touch-up paints, base coats, metal primers, etc.; in all available formats.

Contact one of our specialists. They are always available to answer all your questions!

Professional equipment

Our car paint department offers much more than just paint: we also provide a complete range of workshop equipment and tools for car professionals, from spray guns to paint booths.

Our highly qualified personnel is on hand to advise you during the ordering process to ensure that you select the right equipment to help you produce high quality paint projects in complete safety.


DPARS has 13 company vehicles to ensure the delivery of its products to commercial clients located within the territories served by its two locations. Each delivery route is completed several times per day to ensure accelerated and regular delivery of all merchandise. We also offer express delivery services upon request.

For deliveries to commercial clients located outside the territories served by our fleet of company vehicles, as well as for deliveries to individuals (for products purchased over the telephone or via our Website), deliveries are made by courier service or transport company.